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The Law Offices of Larry D. Simons is a boutique, client-centered Bankruptcy and Estate Planning law firm in Mission Hills and Riverside. Our attorneys are Certified Specialists in bankruptcy law and pursue justice for our clients with the urgency of a big-city firm and the care of a small-town practice.

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Six Signs You Need A Bankruptcy Attorney

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You realize your wages are being garnished.


You receive a foreclosure notice.

A coin with a dollar sign on a bank

The IRS sends you a notice of intent to levy.

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The business you own is falling behind in account payables.

Justice Scales

You are served with a lawsuit relating to your debts.

Debt Bankruptcy

You are no longer able to make the minimum payments on your debt.

A woman calculating debt with a calculator at the kitchen counter
A woman calculating debt with a calculator at the kitchen counter

What Could You Accomplish If You Weren’t Hampered by Debt?

Many people are intimidated by financial matters. It is all too easy to ignore bank notices and IRS letters, assuming you will get to those problems another day. But over time, debts can snowball and become unmanageable.

We work with thousands of clients in the Los Angeles area just like you; worried about losing their car, having to tell your family you can’t go on vacation this year. According to a 2019 study, 51% of Americans are one emergency away from homelessness – you are not alone.

If you are drowning in debts, we can help you discharge them. But once your debts are cleared, will you still be able to pay your bills?

Our attorneys won’t shove you out the door once we’ve received your retainer; we believe in guiding our clients through bankruptcy proceedings and offering advice that can help them rebuild their finances. We will make recommendations so you never end-up in the same position again. We can be objective in a way people cannot be about their own lives.

Bankruptcy isn’t a dirty word – it’s a tool you can use to get your financial life back on track.

larry d simons bankruptcy and estate attorney
frank x ruggier bankruptcy and estate attorney

Talk to A Los Angeles Based Bankruptcy Attorney Right Now

larry d simons bankruptcy and estate attorney

You don’t have to drive into the city to get top-notch legal representation. Our award-winning attorneys, Larry D. Simons and Frank X. Ruggier, have over 45 years of experience between them and are Certified Specialists in bankruptcy law. When you speak with our office, you’ll know exactly who you’re talking to; we are a small team that seeks to form relationships with all our clients. Any legal advice you receive is coming from a practicing lawyer – we do not use paralegals.

We have two offices: Mission Hills and Riverside. Currently, in accordance with COVID-19 protocols, we are conducting most business over the phone, teleconference, and email.

frank x ruggier bankruptcy and estate attorney

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